How To Register A Domain Name?

How To Register A Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name is quick and easy with our platform. Follow these simple steps down below!

1) Go to this link;  

2) If you need help picking out a Domain Name, check out this link here; 

3) If you do know what name you want for your domain name, type in your  "name" in the search bar with the desired TLD (.com .org .net ...), then click the "Search" button. 

4) This is what will appear, if your domain name is taken, look at the other possible TLDs that are available. Then click on "Add" or "Add to Cart". Click on all the TLDs you want and a new button will appear, "Checkout". 

5) Click on "Checkout"


Add any Addons to your domain name, we recommend to add the ID Protection for those that have the option. Click on "Continue" to go to the final step.

6)  Check over your order to see if everything is correct. Click on "Checkout" and fill out the order to complete your Domain Name registration.

7) Congratulations your domain name is registered! You will then have access to our Platform to manage all of your names.


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