How To Register A Domain, Signup For Web Hosting & Create A KNOSK Account

With our powerful and easy to use platform we give our cilents a simple and easy method to register a domainpurchase your desired web hosting and have access to manage everything in one place!


In this step-to-step tutorial we will show and explain how to get started.


1) Go to our homepage , and choose your desired hosting plan. You can also go directly to the domain name search,

For this example, we went directly to registering a domain name at this link, From the homepage, go to Domain>Register a Domain. Both take you to the same page. 


2) The next step is to check if your domain name is available. Enter in your desired name and TLD(.com, .net. .org . . .) and click on "Search" . You will be notified if your domain is available or taken.

After you have chosen your domain name, click on "Checkout".


3) After clicking on "Checkout", it will take you to a page like this. These are addons that can be applied to your domain name.  We recommend the ID Protection, this helps hide your personal information that can be found on WHOIS LOOK-UP.

Click on the "[No Hosting! Click to Add]"  to choose which type of web hosting for your website.


4) Choose the hosting plan that fits your needs and click on "Order Now".


5) Next, is to decide the Billing Cycle. We recommend ordering a 1 or 2 year plan, you get a free domain on your first order with us and pay less for more.

We also offer addons for your website. To learn more about these addons  click on the "Learn more . . ." in the different addons. Click on "Continue" to proceed to the final step in your order.

7) Here you can review your order, if you want to change any part of your order all you have to do is to click on "Edit" beside the product. 


Scroll to the bottom of the website enter one of these, if this is your first purchase on Knosk.

If you are ordering the Basic host or the Platinum Host use this code to get 40% off: 9S001MHLZK

If you are ordering the Premium Host use this code for our 60% off: F136DQC3JN

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